Postal stationery, issued 17-7-1986, with a picture of the monument of the partisans 'Paminklas tarybiniams partizanams ir pogrindininkams'.

The monument of the Soviet partisans was placed uin 1983 in the city-park of Vilnius, near the Komsomol-street. The street is now called Pylimo and the monument is removed in 1990. In 1999 it is re-placed in Grutas Park. A great work, because it is made of copper and the weight is 110 ton.
The Lithuanian sculptors A. zokaitis and J. Kalinauskas have made the monument.
The underground-movement of the Soviet partisans was inspired by Moscow in 1941-1944, but had little support of the local people.

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Statue in honour of Zigmas Angarietis, real familyname Aleksa), on a postal stationery, issued 8-5-1974.

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He is born in 1882. The Central Committee of Lithuanian Communists is in november 1918 extend with Zigmas Angarietis-Aleksa and Kapsukas. They were sendin secret from Moscow. End 1918, beginning 1919 Angarietis was People's-commissioner for Intern Affairs of the first Soviet government of Lithuania.
The statua is now also in Grutas Park.

The portrait of the Lithuanian revolutionary is depicted on this postal stationery, issued 16-3-1882.

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In the 'Great Soviet Encyclopedia' his biography can be find under the name Zigma Ionovich Angariečio.
The end of the story is not to find in this encyclopedia: after the non-agressionpact between the Soviet-Union and Germany activists of European communist Parties were arrested and murdered in Moscow. Also the Lithuanian Angarietis (1940).

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