From 1903 double-ring-postmarks are used: circular nr. 9 of 3 February 1903 introduced the double-ring-postmarks. The old postmarks are replaced when they are worn out. Also a detailed description is given of the new postmarks.
The postmarks consist of two rings, with the name of place in between. Day-month-year now stood on one line (in the year "19" has been omitted. There came two sorts of postmarks: bigger for the mail and smaller for receipts.

An arrival-postmark of Vilnius from 1910 on a postcard (P17) from ТЕЛЬШИ (TELSHI), the Lithuanian Telšiai in north-west Lithuania.
Original print size of this image: 14,131 x 9,457 cm (is something more as the postal item).
Postmark, resized 50%.

Postal item (P21) from ВИЛЬНА (Vilna), so Vilnius, to Wielesiski (1913) with double-ring-postmark.

Original print size of this image: 14,283 x 9,355 cm (is something more as the postal item).
Postmark, resized 50%.

In the classification of the EESTI-handbook:
Type 7: Double circle postmarks

  • Type 7A: with gubernia incated
  • Type 7B: without gubernia

In postmarks of Vilnius, the capital of the Gubernia, the Gubernia is not mentioned, it was not necassary. So for Vilnius we have only type 7B.
The subdivion of type 7B:

  • 7B1: * * a etc.

  • 7B2: * * *
  • 7B3: * 2 * etc.
  • 7B4 ......7B11

On this card clearly is used Type 7B1.

Here a cover with the postmark of ВИЛЬНА (VILNA)-ЛУКШКИ (LUKISHKI).
This was originally a suburb of Vilnius and called Lukiškės. After reconsruction about 1860 it became more a part of Vilnius. The Lukiškės Square is the largest square (4 ha) of Vilnius. After the uprising in January 1863 the square was a place for public executions. After World War II this square of Vilnius, is renamed in Lenin-square. The square in town-district Lukiškes, is new arranged in 1952 according the plan of the architect Vladidlovas Mikučianis, on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the restoration of Soviet-power.
Now the square is again named Lukiškes-square
About Lenin Square: see

Original print size of this image: 14,232 x 23,037 cm (is something more as the postal item).
Postmark, resized 50%.

Vilnius with the indication of the parts of the city, Antokol, Lukishki, ...
From 'Russland nebst Teheran, Port Arthur, Peking / von Karl Baedeker. - 1912 (image not resized)

Another card, also sent from Vilnius to Vienna.

The postmark, resized 50 %.

About the connection of the Postal history and tsaristic postmarks of Vilnius in connection with the railwaypost, see: the pages about railway post.


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