June 22, 1941 Operation Barbarosso, the German invasion of the Soviet Union, started. Vilnius wasalready occupied on June 24, 1941.


The Dienstpost offices were not for the Lithuanians, but for the German authorities. The article of Vytautas Doniela mentions the four categories: administrative bodies and their persosonnel (civil authorities police, Nazi party units, ...) and commercial bodies and their personnel (German industrial and commercial firms).

In Kaunas on July 26, 1941, the first post office of the Deutsche Dienstpost Ostland is opened. In the postmark we see the old German name: KAUEN.
Also in the postmark the indication Deutsche Dienstpost Ostland.
The face of this cover is crossed with a blue pencil: prescribed. Alse prescribed the boxed marking "Durch Deutsche Dienstpost Ostland", but later this often does not happen.

The postmark, resized 50 %.

The article of Doniela gives also a list of the DDO postoffices in Lithuania with data. Kauen , the Lithuanian Kaunas, opened July 27, 1941, has early single-line provisional markings, standard DDO postmarks -KAUEN, KAUEN 1, KAUEN 2 and KAUEN 1 (KAUNAS 1) - and machine cancels.

Cover, sent via the office of the Deutsche Dienstpost Ostland in Telšiai.
In the postmark we see the German name TELSCHE. This office is opened December 9, 1941.
There are early provisional marking (Lithuanian postmark + DDPO) and three standard postmarks (a, b and c).


Short after the occupation the Lithuanian Post started postal services. The first place was the Telšiai district: Soviet stampswere overprinted with "Laisvi Telšiai 24. VI. 41", Free Telšiai. Overprints are known of 9 other places.

Overprint by the printing office Spindulys in Kaunas,
resized 50 %.

In Kaunas the overprint "Nepriklausoma Lietuva", independent Lithuania, is issued for usage in whole Lithuania. For the German authorities these stamps were not acceptable and so mostly confiscated.

August 31, 1941, the Lituanian overprints were forbidden by the German authorities. The German stamps with overprint OSTLAND were used then. German postage stamps (without overprint) were also accepted until mid 1942. The postal services of the Lithuanian Post were slowly taken over by Deutsche Post Ostland.
Later the distinction between Dienspost and civilian post is becoming less clear.

This cover is sent from Kaunas, franked with Ostland-overprint. The postmark is of the Deutsche Dienstpost Ostland.